Keith-DiFronzoKeith is an experienced trainer with over 20 years of experience. He has been a competitive soccer player and a multi-sport athlete. Keith is a performance-driven health and wellness professional with a strong dedication to client success. He is a dynamic mentor, and members enjoy a kinship with him. Keith is achievement-oriented and uses customized exercise techniques. He motivates his clients by imparting his competitive passion for exercise to elicit client achievement. Keith works with all ages and fitness levels from sedentary to athletic. He believes every person can be successful at fitness no matter where they are starting.  Keith has an attentive, caring and nurturing approach to training. He listens to his client’s goals and dreams. He designs programs that help members reach their desired outcomes.
Keith specializes in:
·      Endurance training, weight training and sports-specific training
·      Clients with injuries, health issues and eating disorders
·      Special populations, as well as children, athletes, older adults, and anyone in search of better health and fitness