Ever since she was little, sports and fitness have been a huge part of Rylie’s life. She started playing soccer at 4, going on to play for 15 years, 9 of which were on a premiere team. After varsity soccer and track, most recently she played women’s football for the San Diego Surge. This wasn’t lingerie football! Fully clothed, full pads and full on tackling! She was a wide receiver and kicker. They made it to the SuperBowl game and were champs on Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. 2 years ago she got certified as a Personal Trainer through NESTA. She believes that anyone can change their life if they’re willing to work for it. Her favorite part of being a trainer is seeing the joy and confidence her clients get when they see results. Your goals are her goals, and she wants you to reach them as safely and quickly as possible.
“When trying to lose weight, build muscle, improve strength, gain flexibility or improve sports performance, there is no overnight fix. It takes time. But with your effort and my nutrition guidance and custom workout program, you will get there!!”